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aaron francisco


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I know everybody is high on Shazor, but this guy is a better player period.

He got size(6'3" 207) , speed(4.50 40 yard dash) and, most of all, is a FREAK!!!

Positives about Francisco ... He's a several-year pro waiting to happen. Francisco has great athleticism, good speed, nice size, and he hits like a ton of bricks. A good tackler, he stays focused, works hard, practices hard, and does everything the coaching staff would love him to do. It doesn't matter how much he's banged up, he doesn't miss practice and always plays full-tilt.

Negatives about Francisco ... Even though he plays under control, he's a bit too reckless for his own good hitting so hard that he sometimes does as much damage to himself as he does to his opponent. While he has a reputation as an intimidator, he could sometimes be served just as well by simply making the tackle so he could stay as healthy as possible.

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This kid is projected to go in the 3rd. He looks like a very nice pick...a player.

James Butler

Georgia Tech




Projected 6'3"




Pros:Good size, strong and athletic, has great upside.

Cons:Needs to work on the basics of the position more, just needs game experience and good coaching, has room to improve

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