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Who Dey tree #1 (poll A - Modern)


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I think the way I'm going to set this is up is to do 2 games at a time, 1 modern, 1 classic in each tree to make everyone happy. I will post the rules and the sign up form in a day or two, hopefully we can get the first one rolling along by the beginning of next week. There will be spots for people who can go dvd-r » dvd-r, dvd-r » vhs and vhs » vhs so no one will be left out. So this poll is to decide which modern game we'll use for Who Dey Tree #1.

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what the hell is a Who Dey Tree ???

The general idea would be that Rob would make a copy of his dvd and send it to someone else. They would in turn make a copy and send it to another person, and it spreads through the community that way. Some people would sign up to do DVD to DVD copies. Others would do DVD to VHS. Others would do VHS to VHS. So on and so forth...this way everyone who wants a copy can get a copy.

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I'm kind of surprised the Baltimore one is leading, everyone keep in mind that is the 2003 game highlighted by the bomb to CJ that bounced off Ed Reed in CJ's arms. It's not the 2004 one. I'm going to try to have that one ready by tree #2

Yep. I think everyone was thinking about this year's Baltimore game.

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