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Mock Draft Picks


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How would you guys rank the following prospects for the Bengals (I'm doing a mock draft at nfl-fans.com):

DE David Pollack, Georgia

DE Erasmus James, Wisconsin

DE Dan Cody, Oklahoma

DT Travis Johnson, FSU

Here's how the mock has gone so far:

1 San Francisco-Aaron Rodgers, QB, Cal

2 Miami-Alex Smith, QB, Utah

3 Cleveland-Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas

4 Chicago-Mike Williams, WR, USC

5 Tampa Bay-Cedric Benson, RB, Texas

6 Tennessee-Adam Jones, CB, West Virginia

7 Oakland-Cadillac Williams, RB, Auburn

8 Arizona-Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn

9 Washington-Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan

10 New York Jets (from Detroit)-Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami (FL)

11 Dallas-Shawne Merriman, OLB/DE, Maryland

12 San Diego (from New York Giants)-Marcus Spears, DE, LSU

13 Houston-Thomas Davis, S, Georgia

14 Carolina -Heath Miller, TE, Virginia

15 Kansas City

16 New Orleans

17 Cincinnati

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Depending on who's left, I'd take either David Pollack or Heath Miller.

Pollack gives us a long term answer to Defensive end with Clemons Aging. As well as, Miller gives our offense a much needed punch at the Tight End position which is all but a wash in our offense.

we're two mondays away from knowing if Rudi will be a Franchise player or not. If someone is willing to trade for him,

I really like the kid Marion Barber III from Minnesota. Very strong runner. Good speed, can catch out of the backfield and tote the ball 30 times a game if necessary. Solid 2nd rounder.

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