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my fellow REDS fans


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Heys guys besides being a big REDS FAN im also a big ORIOLES fan and with the newly acquired SLAMMY SOSA :lol: do you think we can contend in the always tough AL EAST?? Hey look at this batting lineup!!!

Brian Roberts 2b

Melvin Mora 3b

Sammy Sosa of

Miguel Tejada (the best ss in baseball)

Javy Lopez c

Rafael Palmeiro 1b-dh

Jay Gibbons of

Larry Bigbie of

David Newhan of

Hey what you think is that enough to contend in this DIV.?? I think so we still have

PONSON who had a better second half of the season and some good young pitchers here(Julio and Cabrera). Plus they picked up to VET. rel. pitchers. So come on let me know what ya think , give me some hope. Both my teams are looking alot better this year. :D

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Reds have a better lineup this year than baltimore.

Lets see, at 1st you got CASEY .324 34 hrs. 99 RBIs and a good glove. Os have Palmeiro .258 23 and 86 , good glove but 11 years older than Casey. So the Reds get a slight nod at 1st.

At second base we have another close call. Jimenez a good young player. .270 12 hr 67 rbi. about avg for 2nd base. The Os have a good lead off man in Brian Roberts. .273 4 hr. 53 rbi. 29 sb. Lets call it a tie.

At ss is no contest. With the Orioles having "THE B E S T" SS in baseball in the great Tejada .311 34 hr 150 rbi. And the reds are still looking for a ss.

At 3b we got Melvin Mora what year he had .340 27 104. The reds just got Joe Randa. He has been a good player for some time. But the Os get the nod here to.

At catcher the Os have J. Lopez .316 23 86 a great catcher. The Reds have Jason Larue .251 14 55. So you got to give the Orioles that one.

Wow do the Reds have some pitching. Milton, Ortiz, Wilson, Hudson and Harang. Plus alot of new REL. Pitching. The REDS have better pitching here but the Os still have Ponson and some good young arms plus some new REL. pitchers on their staff which is not so weak.

Oh yea I almost forgot the outfield. The REDS have one of the best in baseball how can you not like DUNN, GRIFFEY, KEARNS and PENA. But the Orioles have a good one to with Larry Bigbie, J.Gibbons and newly accuired Sammy Sosa. But its hard to beat that REDS outfield when healthy. Thats the big part. With Kearns and Griffey out for much of the season.

So there you have it you have a good point but I dont see where they are that much better. Will see cuz on JUNE 10-11-12 the are coming to the NATTI and im going to try to be there.

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