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Justin Tuck


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Can someone tell me a little bit about Justin Tuck? I know that he terrorized QB's when playing for Notre Dame. But is he big enough at the pro level to be a DE or maybe LB in a 3-4 scheme. He's the fastest DE out there but weight is an issue.

Could he slide to the second round where we could possibly pick him up? Or is he not worth it?

Some insight would greatly be appreciated.

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He is 6'5" 264 pounds and runs a 4.7

he could add a few pounds, but he is 6'5".

Dwight Freeney is 6'1 268lbs.

Julius Peppers is 6'6'' 283lbs.

Michael Strahan is 6'5'' 275lbs.

John Abraham is 6'4" 256lbs.

Justin Smith is 6'4 270lbs....we could bulk him up to like 285, and have him be a run stuffing DE.

Robert Geathers is 6'3 271.

so Tuck's weight shouldn't be an issue, i guess he could add a few pounds, but he will most likely do that anyways in may and june.

He's perfect IMO for our 4-3 D, I'm liking him as our #1 pick more and more.

I honestly don't knwo if weight really makes a difference, i really think it's just the ability to get to the QB som players have that instinct and others don't.

I don't like us giving up on Geathers so quickly... Marvin Apperently wants a pass rushing DE i think we already got at least 1 in Smith or Geathers.

I just think it's motivational tool Marvin is deploying to Smith.

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