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James, Pollack, D.Cody


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according to each players bio at their schools website Erasmus James weighs 263, David Pollack weighs 276, and Dan Cody weighs 270. Of course all of these guys are OLB/DE tweensers.

Who should move who should stay (if drafted by bengals)? Remember our new defense will consist more of a 3-4. Anywhere did you hear that any of these guys already chose to move or stay? Any of these guys the next terrel suggs?

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i agree beer man. But remember, Chuckie said we would be using some more 3-4 formations, our base D is still 4-3 and I expect the 4-3 the majority of the time.

Here's my take on the three

David Pollack- Probably one of the most intense guys ever. He will give you whatever he has on every play. Remember the hustle of Don Beebe to run down Leon Lett, that's the kind of hustle I'm talking about. His size worries me though, as a DE big tackles like our own Willie and Levi will push this kid around all day

Erasmus James- Probably the most athletic of the three, good speed and size, but his injury problems bug me. Everyone knows Jevon Kearse is a freak (no, I'm not comparing James to him) but up until this year he was injured ALL the time.

Dan Cody - como wise, he's the best of both worlds, he's a mean nasty guy that has a motor and he's a little more athletic than Pollack but not as quite as james. I don't recall hearing much about injuries from him, but you'll have to ask LA

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I also believe Pollack can go LB. Not just in 3-4 but also 4-3 with time as a SSLB. Plus, Pollack should do decent pass rushing from LOS whether down as a DE or up as 3-4 LB. The guy does nothing but produce and makes his opposition look bad. He's got the speed, determination, manuevers, and enough size for the duties at either position.

But Pollack the biggest weight wise of the 3? He sure seems like he'd be the lightest of the 3 IMO.

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The answer is Dan Cody. He's already used to playing as an outside linebacker at times for the Sooners. Pollack probably has as much athleticism as any player at his position. The only question I have about him is his weight. I seriously doubt he's 276 or 280 lbs. like he's been reported as being. I look at him and see a guy that's probably closer to 250 or 255 if that much.

But if he's 280 with his production, then he's the man. Considering how well he plays against leverage, he shouldn't have a problem with taller offensive lineman.He spins, dives, swims as well or Better than any DE in the draft. Tuck gets' by on his quickness, but the guy is only 245 lbs. He's an outside linebacker plain and simple. 4.6 speed maybe a little better. But he'll be a linebacker at the next level unless he comes to the combine weighing 265 !

Erasmus James stock is probably going to fall. Once NFL trainers start hearing those knees of his " creek " at the combine, we'll probably see his value drop.

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