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Hula Bowl

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The Senior Bowl is the one to see :)

Hula Bowl was interesting but definitely Day 2 talent overall.

Ronald Stanley ILB Mich. St. made plays and showed excellent speed and desire. He looked good in coverage and vs. the run.

Jamaica Rector WR Northwestern Mizzou is small but a skilled route runner w/ speed and great hands.

Alfred Malone (6-4, 300 #) Troy State DT is possessed by the devil :lol: He was quick for a man his size and insisted on penetration.

Tony Jackson TE Iowa is an adept receiver w/ good size at 6-3, 260.

Arrion Dixon DT Razorbacks is decent vs. run w/ good push into backfield.

Madison Hedgecock FB (HB TE) fumbled but showed he's a solid receiver who runs w/ force.

Eric Moore LB FLa. St. abused every LT he faced w/ good pass rush.

Dylan Gandy C/G 6-3, 300 seems lighter but has excellent speed for downfield blocking and is a fine pass protector.

Marty Johnson 225 RB from Utah runs well and can catch the ball over the middle down the seam when his # is called.

Uriah Moena G Utah is a roadgrader.

Some others looked good too.

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