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Holmgren could barely contain his glee

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I was talking to my friend on the phone as the game was in the final minutes, and my friend, who is a die-hard 49ers fan, was commenting about Holmgren being the next coach in SF whenever the Seahawks got bumped out of the playoffs. As the game was nearing the end, after Engram dropped the game-tying pass, they kept showing Holmgren on the sidelines, and my friend and I both noticed a half-smile on his face that looked like it was about to turn into a full-blown grin.

I am guessing that Holmgren was happy for two reasons:

A. He wouldn't have to be the coach of the underachieving Seahawks anymore

B. He gets to step straight from a situation that is largely his fault into a situation where he will get to have as much power as he wants without any consequences or any time of atonement for his failures in Seattle.

I just thought it was funny...I've never seen a coach that happy after a loss.


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i think he was in more disbelievement that his receivers are that bad. how the f**k do u drop passes week after week after week when they are right in ur hands? Id trade every single one of those receivers, especially jackson.

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