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Mike Brown Interview


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no it doesnt. ya i definately want a running back that has no ability to make ppl miss. rudi is nothing without an oline. our oline, as banged up as it was got rudi over 1400 yards. just think if he coulda made some plays on his own....2000 anyone?

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wouldn't go as far as to say rudi has no ability to make people miss. He's moved alot of piles this year and came up with yardage that wasn't there quite a few times.

But he does have 2 major negatives:

1) He doesn't have break away speed. Every time he made it into the secondary this season he was wrapped up fairly quickly.

2)He doesn't come up big when he needs to. He doesn't fumble alot but when he did this season it always seemed to be during a key drive. Also to many 3rd and shorts were unsucessful although rudi can't be blamed for them all.

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jditty is a ass munching idiot. I said it and i started it.

C'mon bring it.

you are a f**kin joke. nice 2 yr olds way of trying to start s**t. whats ur reason? did u find out that i f**ked ur sister or something?

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