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The OSU vs OSU

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Just into the fourth quarter and The OSU has a 30 - 0 lead on OSU. I thought Ohio State would win, but not like this. :blink:

And I just love hearing the announcers talk about Santonio Holmes. A few miles from me there's a Holmes High School. And it's typically refered to as "San Antonio Holmes" when they compete outside of the local area. I wish one of the reporters would interview Santonio Holmes and ask him what it feels like to be named after a high school! :lol:

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Whoa, how did I miss this. Heck yea, THE OSU is a great young team.

I will admit this though, I really expect to see a lot of OSU vs. Michigan games to determine the Big Ten title in the next 3-4 years. I really like that Hart kid and Henne. Plus, I don't think anyone compares to our potential WR corp. I think Zwick convinced me of a lot of things against Ok. State including his toughness. Troy Smith looked good against MU, but now he's in trouble and with all that's going around with OSU, I suspect he'll be a backup for the rest of his collegiate career -- especially if OSU wants to have some credibility back with the allegations.

NOTE: I'm completely referring to these players at their schools and nothing to do with any draft in the near future -- I don't care at this point between these two schools, just good ol' fashioned football. B)

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