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New Year Resolutions


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I have a couple:

1)Do better in my courses

2)Become closer to my family

3)Stop drinking (more of a miracle)

4)Pay for my student loans, debts, boob job, money I owe people

5)Get a raise at my job

6)Become a season ticket holder

7)Dye my hair blond (which I doubt would turn out blond, it would turn out more like orange)

8)Stop cussing

9)Become a nicer person

10)Stop bitting my lips

11)Take in more stray cats

12)Take my bellybutton/tonuge piercing out (i cant let go of them)

13)Go see my family in Cincy more

14)Have a garden this summer

15)Stop looking at men for their looks

16)And sometimes females

17)Try and go to church

18)Volenteer more

Hmm thats it.

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