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maybe we DO need offense


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Good Lord. This performance is downright awful. Looks like Marvin was right by drafting offensive players rather than defensive guys. I guess the silver lining to this season is that all of the younger defensive players got game-time experience so early in their carreers that it acutally sped up their development. Now we just need a solid offenisve line (especially a center) it would be of great help.

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Offense is not our problem. Our offense even with a scrubby ( at best ) backup quarterback was still able to have a hundred yard rusher and move the ball occasionally by air.

** However ( However ) ***

- Defensive line must be addressed. Not enough size or Pass rush even against bad offenses means our young ( yet talented ) secondary is left to cover too long.

We don't need to win with Playmakers, we just need 11 guys with the talent to do their jobs consistently!

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