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On Around the Horn just now, they were discussing who should be the next Notre Dame coach should be. And who else did the Bill Plaschke suggest? DICK LEBEAU!? Did he notice how he ran the Bengals? I know the NFL and College are different but c'mon.

Actually I can see that. I think one of Dicks biggest problems was not knowing how to motivate a highly paid professional athlete. He had great relationships with his players....He just didn't know how to get them to do the job they were suppossed to, he expected it of them, but I don't think he'd make that mistake with a bunch of 18 to 22 year olds.....Not to mention the poor talent evaluation the bengals had during his stay here. But I wouldn't see that as being a problem with the kind of talent that ND goes after (not just any scrub that plays football well, they do actually have some standards)

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Bill Plaschke is a left-coast wacko. :blink:

Seriously, if you haven't seen him on that show, watch him; he makes me sick at times.

I agree...sometimes I just get annoyed by some of the guys on there and I have to turn it off. Plashke makes some of the stupidest comments sometimes. But Plaschke doesn't come close to being as annoying as Jay Mariotti

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