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I wish Dillon was playing @ PBS on Sunday


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Hey one thing about Black Jesus is you can't deny his love for our Bengals....Hey Black long time ...what happened to JT's site?Any good gossip for why he quit letting people post....?

Some troll came there and started flooding the board

with pics of chopped up women and porn.

It was the Saturday before the 1st Browns game.

He just shut it down. They had a video interview with him

on bengals.com and he said he was going to start it back up after

the season.

Alot of the regulars made their way to this board.


It`s pretty cool. ALOT OF FREEDOM to cuss and stuff there. B)

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Hey old how you doing?Hope everything is good in your Bengal world....that's a shame some jerk has to go down that road to gain some attention..espicially when a Pro Athlete takes time out to set up something for the fans....

Doing great Rock...thanks for asking. B)

Yeah it is a shame. 1 bad apple spoiled it for the whole bunch.

Oh well at least we have other sites like this 1 to still talk about

our Bengals ! :player:

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