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Wow! A game like this is what I've been waiting for!!

Today we saw why we have Carson Palmer. Not only the numbers he put up, but that he brought this team back from the brink of defeat. Add to it that the game was against a division rival on the road in December and you have an amazing performance. And this game ended the streak of losing to winning teams on the road. And this ended the streak of the Ravens always winning if they're up by 2 TDs in the 4th quarter. That fourth quarter was just amazing. When was the last time we put up 24 points in a single quarter? Last week we put up 17 in the fourth quarter, but I just can't remember the last time we scored that much in 15:00. Maybe way back when we destroyed the Oilers in that game where we scored 60+?

And we can't forget the heroics of Shayne "Golden" Graham. There was that early miss, but he scored when it mattered. And Madieu got another interception. And maybe not noticed as much is that in order to come back like we did, we held the Ravens to FGs as we were scoring TDs. And another thing is that the Ravens offense was only 1/4 in trips in the red zone. And TJ. And Chad.

Too many game balls to give out, but the big Game Ball goes to Carson Palmer. None of this would have happened without him.


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