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No cash accepted, Johnson says


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Its sad people these days are so stupid, the fact that this whole thing was a joke has to be spelled out! :angry:

Bengal WR calls request for dollars 'just fun'

By Mark Curnutte

Enquirer staff writer


Chad Johnson says he was fined around $100,000 total for uniform violations and celebrations last season.

At the end of the workday Wednesday, Chad Johnson finally explained the joke he had made three times since Sunday.

"There's not going to be a collection. Period. It's just fun," the Bengals wide receiver said.

Once on Sunday and twice Wednesday, Johnson said he wanted fans to bring $1 to Paul Brown Stadium to help him pay the fine he would incur for a celebration that would follow his scoring a touchdown against the Steelers.

Then, like a defensive back, Johnson back-pedaled.

"One of the keys to winning the game Sunday is those fans sitting up there," he said. "Am I going to actually do something to get in trouble? No. But just the whole thought of it being in someone's mind who's going to attend the game, it makes it fun."

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has not been in a joking mood all week. When informed of Johnson's presumed plea for cash donations, Lewis said: "Not a wise thing. It's not his fine that's as significant as if we get a penalty."

After practice, and after Johnson said he and Lewis had talked about the $1 gag, Lewis used a scolding tone with reporters.

"Don't write it that way. He didn't mean it that way, so don't write it that way," Lewis said. "He just said he wanted the fans to come out. It will be fun."

Johnson, walking in from practice just minutes after Lewis, said he wouldn't change his fun-loving ways.

"Ah, man, the old school is gone. That era is over," he said. "As long as I'm not doing anything to hurt us as a team, let me be me. Like next week, everybody bring a bottle of Pepto and make it a Pepto game."

Johnson sent Pepto-Bismol to Cleveland defensive backs prior to the Oct. 17 game, a 34-17 Bengals loss. The rematch is Nov. 28.

E-mail mcurnutte@enquirer.com

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Jeez, you'd think he'd done something really stupid like have a beautiful blond drop her towel, distracting him from his celebration planning sessions!!


Reminds me of Soupy Sales ...... ( way before most of your times ) He had a kids show back in the late 50's early 60's, and told all the kids to " get into Mommy and Daddy's pockets and send me all the money you can find. " Of course a lot of the little darlins did just that ... and most didn't put on return addresses either. The network wasn't real enthused and kinda fired Ol' Soupy.

They shoulda got off Soupys case then, and they all need to get off Chads case now.

It's a game folks ...... and he's just having fun with it. That's what you're supposed to do with games. Geez Lighten up just a little just around the edges.

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