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Pro-Bowl Ballots Thus Far


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Leading Pro-Bowl ballots with four weeks left...



QB Peyton Manning, Colts 310,236

RB Priest Holmes, Chiefs 310,236

FB Jerald Sowell, Jets 132,893

WR Marvin Harrison, Colts 187,766

TE Tony Gonzalez, Chiefs 200,476

T Jonathan Ogden, Ravens 68,823

G Alan Faneca, Steelers 75,237

C Kevin Mawae, Jets 77,219


DE John Abraham, Jets 123,067

IL Marcus Stroud, Jaguars 80,398

OLB Keith Bulluck, Titans 47,598

ILB Ray Lewis, Ravens 83,817

CB Champ Bailey, Broncos 88,326

SS Ed Reed, Ravens 58,798

FS John Lynch, Broncos 39,787


P Shane Lechler, Raiders 72,151

K Adam Vinatieri, Patriots 107,046

ST Larry Izzo, Patriots 37,009

KR B.J. Sams, Ravens 44,619



QB Daunte Culpepper, Vikings 325,383

RB Tiki Barber, Giants 260,568

FB Justin Griffith, Falcons 94,783

WR Terrell Owens, Eagles 272,759

TE Eric Johnson, 49ers 151,286

T Orlando Pace, Rams 58,267

G Larry Allen, Cowboys 67,179

C Matt Birk, Vikings 50,832


DE Charles Grant, Saints 78,042

IL Shaun Rogers, Lions 64,970

OLB Derrick Brooks, Buccaneers 82,694

ILB Brian Urlacher, Bears 91,707

CB Ken Lucas, Seahawks 60,398

SS Adam Archuleta, Rams 40,699

FS Darren Sharper, Packers 63,207


K David Akers, Eagles 212,551

ST Jeremiah Trotter, Eagles 49,987

P Mitch Berger, Saints 68,246

KR Eddie Drummond, Lions 63,018

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Agreed. How many games has Brian Urlacher played in this year. The guy has missed more games than he has played in and does not deserve this many votes. They need to rethink the voting process, and not allow idiot votes to even get into the mix of votes

Relax man--the Pro Bowl is simply a popularity contest.

How do you explain Mike Alstott making it as a RB for a couple of years that he was injured for more than half the season.


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just keeping this topic open....remember go vote. too bad madieu isnt on there.

and u guys keep saying that herring is gettin benched for madieu. are u sure madieu isnt being subbed in for beckett? Beckett has been back for how many weeks now and only has 10 tackles with no PD's or INT's.

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