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Well it's that time of the season again


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My last analysis of our two teams going at each other was a bit of an epic, so I'll try and keep this one brief. Like Bill O Reilly would want it, pithy and no bloviating. It doesn't seem so long ago we last met too, where does the season go? You've treaten me well here, long may it continue.

We're going to run the ball, no doubt about that and that must worry you guys. So far this season you haven't been able to stop or even contain the run. You've allowed the 3rd most yards so far. Mind you, you did do better against Washington. We have consistently kept hold of the ball for long periods of time, if you aren't going to make things difficult your offense may not be on the field too much all game.

The most interesting matchup has to be your increasingly improving secondary against our passing game. Your pass defense is good and you're creating turnovers.

But so are we.

Now, let me tell you what worries me about Cincinnati.

Chad Johnson, he's a bit inconsistant but on a good day he could really embarrass us.

Those DB's, in particular the rookie Madieu Williams. Man he is awesome, isn't he your leading tackler?

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