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Pro Bowl Voting


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Ok guys, take the time to vote for our guys to the pro bowl.

Here's who I think we need to be voting for, guys who have earned a berth...

1. Tory James - leading the league in INTs

2. Deltha O'Neal - ok, borderline, but lets get him in to show up Shannadork! Besides, he's #2 in the AFC in passes defensed.

3. Shane Graham - Golden Graham is second in the AFC in scoring, and frankly, I'm sick of Vinatieri in the pro bowl.

4. Chad Johnson - Believe it or not, he's ranked #3 in receiving yardage in the AFC, and he gives the team a spark with the emotion he brings to the game.

5. Kyle Larson - Ok so maybe he isn't worthy, but he's doing well enough that we should act like homers and vote for him anyway!

6. Willie Anderson - nuff said.

7. Justin Smith - shush, I know he's probably not the best end in the league, but you know, the way he's playing lately, I want him to at least get mention as getting votes. He does lead the AFC in tackles from the defensive end position!

If we all vote, maybe we will get two or three guys in!

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Actually, I started a topic when the voting first started. I got hammered. Funny thing was there were certain people that said no member on the defense deserved to go to the probowl....Wonder if maybe they might want to change that opinion now?

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