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Maurice Clarett

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I am an Ohio State fan and follow them kinda, but not as much as pro football, just dont hear it as much here. I dont know a lot about Clarett's situation either, but last I heard he was on the Montreal Alouettes negotion list (a team here in the Canadian Football League). He could have signed there, for much less then he would make in the NFL, but he couldnt play in the NFL that year. He didnt sign, because he wanted to wait to see if he could be accpeted to the NFL, but couldnt. But how does it work now, is he elligibal for the draft next year or?

I think that was the basics of the story, but yeah I'm not too sure, you guys might know more and could help me out.

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Didn't Tressel have problems at Youngstown St.? Uh oh :o  :o  :o  :o

Not at all. Didn't he win FOUR Div-2 Championships while he was there????

I thought Tressel was considered one of the more cleaner programs in the country.

f**k off, Clarice. You weren't trying to clear your name. In fact, the exact opposite happened. It backfired. Now, if ANY GM in the NFL calls your name out in the 2005 draft, they would be crazy because:

1. Instead of talking s**t about OSU and creating a false lawsuit for yourself, you SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORKING YOUR FAT DUMBASS OUT!!!!!!!! Now, you're out of shape and haven't hit anything in a couple of years!!!!!

2. Clearing your name in the NFL???? The exact opposite happened. Now, players, coaches, and GM's will be wondering how much drama you would create for their teams in the lockeroom/how much s**t you would talk about other players in the press.

In short Clarice, you just shot yourself in the foot. Here's what an ESPN Radio Guy said here in the Bay Area about Clarice on what he did:

"'F' me????? No--'F' YOU!!!!!!"

That's basically what Clarice did to OSU. He feels that he somehow got screwed at OSU--like he must have forgot about filling out the falsified police reports and insurance claims??? Yeah, that must have slipped his stupid mind. But somehow this is OSU's fault, huh Clarice?????

And just because you were in the wrong about receiving some illegal handouts from some corrupt Booster that you're going to claim OSU did that for you, Clarett?????

Yeah, I'm not buying it either, MO. f**k you, you jackass. Have a nice "career" in Canaduh or Europe!!!



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