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my converted ways, led me to victory

roar loud

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well it realy feel's great after today, my old team lost, and my new team won, first time converted steeler fan,?????FEEL'S AWSOME???? un describeable, i cant go another 14 year's, goodluck to all bengal's fan's, u will probley die of old age before you see a winning season, thank's to mike brown, i was so blind this year, as was i many year's , i """"WOKE UP"""" the team will probley be sold in the near future, i realy hope not thow, i would like for them to stay so we , the steelers can destroy them year to year, well that about doe's it for now, later on guy's i have jumped, and not regretting it either,, ????SEE US, THE STEELERS IN THE PLAYOFF'S AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, GO STEELERS

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