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We suck

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Okay, we're at 2 - 5 and there are a lot of things going wrong. However, there are a few postives with this team. You can't change a team like the Bengals overnight (in a couple seasons), but there are some bright spots. Here are few:

Kyle Larson - finally, a real punter, unlike last season; avg punt is 41 yds; I don't have the numbers, but he's had a good number inside the 20 and few touchbacks.

Madieu Williams - interception return for TD was nice; also has 2 fumble recoveries this season; playing well for a rookie

Shane Graham - 53 yard field goal last week (longest of career); only missed 2 (??) FGs this year

Carson Palmer - while there have been mistakes, his numbers are basically the typical numbers of QBs in their rookie season; Carson is playing as well as what could be expected for a rookie; did we really think that he was going to have a monster season especially with the problems of the play calling and of the defense and of the o-line?

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