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Worst Franchise In Sports


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I've come to the conclusion that it is never going to end. Every season we say "next year is our year", but during the offseason we do NOTHING to improve our team. Our owner doesn't want to spend the $$$ and has his coach say "we're happy w/ the players we got".

Even when we do try to sign big name free agents they just use us to drive up their price. Let's face it....nobody wants to play for the Bengals. So we get a high pick every year and we say "we're building for the future", but we've been building for the future for the past 14 f**king years!!!

Well, at least my Wolverines win for me.


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actually a lot of our polayers and acquisitions are good. Its just certain key ones aren't. IE Rudi and DL.... plus our MLB is injured for the year and that is the key spot on defense and we are starting 2 rookies at that position and I doubt if either ever developes into a great MLB.

Chad, knock the s**t off. Quit homering out, dude. The Front Office clearly failed in the offseason, hence the 2-5 record. The defensive line definitely needed help in acquiring a DT.

When that didn't happen, Mike Brown's Marionette--aka Marvin Lewis says "we're going with what we have. We're confident that we can get the job done with what we've got."

Well, how convenient!!!!!! And 5 losses later before midseason, I wonder how he feels about that now???

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