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Paul Daugherty, King of the Pessimists?


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Paul, buddy, I have been down on the Bengals, but cmon...we WON. Sure the Bengals track record sucks, but man, LET IT GO for just ONE DAY.

His other article is slightly more upbeat but meh...I am a cautious optimist, but Daugherty is Lord of the Pessimists/Skeptics I think. (not necessarily a bad thing)

Meh, back to whatever you were doing...



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He's paid to be that way. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I think he reaches for stuff.

I wonder if his "Please don't embarrass us" headline was pasted all over the locker room before the game. The Bengals played like they wanted to prove something. I hope they feel that way from now on!

Go Bengals!!!


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I did too Skyline. The lights looked amazing. The bridge was sweet looking.

I didn't much care for Daugherty before this article...and the one Josh posted but now...Curnette looks to be my only source for Bengals news there now. Daugherty constantly dogs on the Reds too. (and yes, I know it is his job, and it is fine to have an opinion, he just seems very down on sports in Cincy most of the time)

Sometimes the criticism is warranted, but can't he take a break from it just for today instead of being a negative Nancy?

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