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We all need to take it easy


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Look, we can not expect one man to clean up almost a decade and a half of crappy picks and bad cap management in TWO seasons.

Our defensive play calling is not the problem, its the players trying to execute the plays.

You can be a great coach but if you lack the talented players you can only get so much out of them.

Every HC says the same thing...the talent makes you look good. Give them talent, potential and they can turn it into something.

Dungy..great D mind...no D in Indy.

Marvin...great D mind no D in Cincy.

Billick...great O mind...no O in Baltimore.

What do these guys have in common? Trying to make champaigne out of transmission oil....or for me coffee out of mud! laugh.gif

(From a raven fan)Without posting the Ravens'99 roster on offense...you can look it up...it was a terrible group that Billick inherited...terrible....Marvin has inherited the same thing on D.

And like Billick...it will take time to just make it average...years to make it dominant if the organization misses on some draft picks and FA aquisitions.

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