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Questions from visiting fans...


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Hi there,

We found this site through Joe Cahn's Tailgating.com, where we are listed as well. We hosted some Panthers fans last weekend, who had contacted us via that site as well, so we figured that we might be able to ask the Bengal faithful for some information here.

We enjoy tailgating- you can check out the bus/party we have for all the home games (it will not be making the trek this weekend, since we'll be flying in instead) on the website http://www.orangeforceone.com.

So our questions are as follows - do y'all have a tailgating cash lot? Is there a tailgating spot for opposing teams fans? How far is the stadium from the airport? Do you have any places that you would recommend staying at that are centrally located? If we fly in and out of Columbus, is there a place to stay between Columbus & Cincy?

Basically any information would be helpful! Here's to a good game - Congrats on getting a MNF home game!

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um the best place i've heard to tailgate is between the reds ( great american ballpark) stadium and bengals ( paul brown, PB) stadium, there always seems to be about 5-10 bengals short busses down there, and a ton of people cooking out. We aren't the violent type fans, probably because we are so used to losing, so no1 should give u a hard time. Um u can fly into columbus, but ti's like a 2hr and 20 minutes drive from that airport, look into dayton or lexington im pretty sure they might be closer. Cincy airport is only like a 20 minute drive to PB, it's located in KY. Um there's a lot of great hotels in down cincinnati and in convington( it's the city accross the river in KY), i've never really stayed at one, but i'm pretty sure u can find a decent one online. there's even some near the CVG airport. O and btw the skyline looks badass when u r coming from KY u see the stadium and city background all light up and it looks amazing. getting to the stadium is a breeze, i'd suggest exiting at 3rd st. or the one down by the river ( a local bengal fan please refresh my memory on what the hell that st. name is). if you have any other questions just ask.

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We stayed at the Hiatt downtown for the Miami game....It was really cool...nice bar/restaurant downstairs....10 minute walk to the stadium...centrally located...parking garage next door....and the Dolphins stayed there as well.....not sure if they are hosting the Broncos...but I know the Cowboys will be staying there when they come to town....

as far as airports.....you may find cheaper flights into Columbus but it is a 2 hour drive....Dayton is about 1-1.5 hours away depending on traffic.....Lexington is about the same....Cinci airport is probably most convenient, but tickets may be pricey....

Hope this helps.......

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Tailgating in the lots directly next to the stadium is for season ticket holders only. You better get there early (like 12 or 1pm) to get a tailgate spot at either the C G & E lot (on Mehring Way just west of the stadium) or the Longworth lot (700 W. Pete Rose Way). I went to the Ravens game and a guy next to us said he showed up at 3pm to tailgate for the Sun. night game and it was already packed. There are a lot of other smaller lots scattered around near the stadium. The bigger lots I mentioned are about 10 min walk away.

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Thanks to all of you who have responded.

The guys booked flights into Columbus because that was going to work best with scheduling (we have one person coming from Flagstaff & another from Denver and trying to find matching arrival times just wasn't happening...It more than tripled the price for the AZ guy to make it to Cincy...)

Thanks for the tip on the tailgating...Our group takes tailgating pretty serious, so we tend to be the first in the lot when it opens here in Denver...It sucks that only season parking pass holders get the good spots, but I guess I might be able to scare up a few from Ebay.

The Hyatt sounds like a good plan - One of our tailgating group works at a Hyatt so they can possibly get discounted rooms for the guys. It sounds like it's going to be fun for them. I wish I could go too! Hope y'all have a good game, but not *that* good...;)

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