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1st and goal!!!

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...on the 4....what do you do???

I know ONE THING YOU DON'T DO--run a partial sweep left and get your RB hit in the backfield for a 5-yard loss.

Ok, this mistake I can accept as a fan.

Ok, 2nd and 9 (goal)...what do you do??? Well, you could run a pass or a run here, depending on how lucky you feel. HOWEVER, YOU DON'T ACCEPT A SACK ON THE 20 f**king YARD LINE, ZWICK!!! FOR ONE f**king THING, YOU HELD ON TO THE DAMNED BALL TOO LONG. THROW IT SO FAR OUT OF THE END ZONE, THAT IT LANDS IN THE DAMNED STANDS!!! ANOTHER f**king THING, IF YOU'RE PRESSURED, YOU DON'T ACCEPT A SACK. THROW IT SO FAR OUT OF THE END ZONE, THAT IT LANDS IN THE DAMNED STANDS!!! Jesus Christ!!! That's high schoolish as hell!!!

Not OK, 3rd and 20, on the damned 20. What do you do??? I say you run a draw and kick the f**king ball through the damned uprights. You have Mike fricking Nugent, your MVP. Take the 27-23 score and hope your defense holds up. Don't throw a desperation pass into the end zone for the INT. That's f**king stupid as hell, Zwick. Once again, you should have thrown the ball out of the damned end zone.

Well, guys. I guess there's next year. The National Champ is definitely out of the picture now. We embarrassed ourselves, Meatchicken-style. The offensive play calling was horrendous. Drunkowski could have called a better game. Tressel was too conservative in the OT Period/the whole f**king game. The clock management was absolutely terrible in the final seconds.

I think the Bungles and the Buckeyes have something in common--their respective Offensive Coordinators need to be fired after the season is over.

Lost to North-f**king-Western??????!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?????

Someone please tell me that was just a nightmare I was having!!!


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