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Most Underated QB


Most Underated QB?  

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  1. 1. Most Underated QB?

    • Rodney Peete
    • Brad Johnson
    • Trent Green
    • Tommy Maddox
    • David Carr
    • Doug Flutie
    • Other

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Voted for Johnson...He's got a ring, and should get some credit for it, but Gruden is an idiot and is trying to force him out all for his system. He can't help it if he has no wr's to throw it too.

Peete? He's a good lockerroom guy, but man he's old and never really did anything when he was younger.

Green? Hard to say, I think he get's a lot of credit, but he runs a QB friendly system, but doesn't have decent WR's to throw to.

Turnover Tommy. Ha. He may never start again. But he has a lot of good WR's to throw to and has never really worried people...He has earned that turnover tommy name.

Carr, get's a lot of credit if for no other reason than the number of sacks he had to endure his first season. Plus he get's a bit of a mulligan for being young on a expansion team.

Flutie? Nobody stabs a knife in the back like flutie and creates lockerroom problems like him. He has brief flashes of brilliance with long strechs of bad play....Should he have been exiled to Canada? No, but he should have accepted he's a career backup and played to his strengths.

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I voted Carr. He's one of the bright shinning spots on a terrible team.

At least Carr's future is bright. And he's tough too--he broke the QB Sack'd record and I don't think he missed a snap that year.

He can make the throws, but obviously he needs an Offensive Line in front of him. His O-Line totally sucks!!! Just imagine Carr with the Denver Broncos!!!

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I voted for Carr for the same reason. I've sorta followed the Texans the past couple of seasons since I now live down here in south Texas. Anyway, Carr is one of the toughest QBs there is. He just needs a lot of support around him. Not meaning to go off-topic, but last Sunday's game against the Chiefs was amazing. The Chiefs were on the verge of going up 21 - 6 and I was on the verge to switch the channel and then all of a sudden... 14 - 14 and we have a ball game... of course, Carr had nothing to do with that score, but after that he kept the Texans in position to win.

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