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What matters about Carson


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1st-10, CIN20 1:53 C. Palmer passed to M. Schobel down the middle for 4 yard gain

2nd-6, CIN24 1:46 C. Palmer incomplete pass down the middle

3rd-6, CIN24 1:46 C. Palmer passed to T. Houshmandzadeh to the left for 13 yard gain

1st-10, CIN37 1:36 C. Palmer passed to P. Warrick to the right for 8 yard gain

2nd-2, CIN45 1:30 C. Palmer passed to M. Schobel to the right for 3 yard gain

1st-10, CIN48 1:00 C. Palmer passed to M. Schobel to the right for 2 yard gain

2nd-8, 50 0:57 C. Palmer passed to C. Johnson to the right for 20 yard gain

1st-10, MIA30 0:27 C. Palmer passed to M. Schobel to the right for 4 yard gain

2nd-6, MIA26 0:27 K. Watson rushed to the right for 6 yard gain

smart play for a second pro start, against a proud and capable defense. look deep (the two passes to CJ and TJ), if nothing's open, dump it to your safety valve tight end (why cutting schobel would not be a good idea).

playing beyond his years during this drive, this was the most promising thing he could have done. i'd take this over him throwing for 250 and 2 tds then messing up the final drive, because in the end stats don't win games, delivering when it counts DOES. :player:

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Isn't Schobel considered the better receiver of the 3 TE's?

Are they considering cutting him?

Nope. Some fans had talked about him possibly being cut, I think. The speculation was based on his constant injury problems more than anything else.

And to answer your first questions, yes. I think he is our best receiving TE. Not only that, but he has consistently performed well in clutch situations.

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