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Jets vs. Phins

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i still say its even. Chambers = McCariens and Booker = Moss and mb booker gets the advantage due to past performance. as far as 3rd and 4th stringers...id give it to the jets but overall WR talent is about even.

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WR is about even now that booker is along side chambers in miami.

I'll agree with this statement.

Chambers + Booker = CJ + Warrick

Too bad Chambers and Booker have no one to throw them the rock.

Except he was comparing Miami and the Jets.

I say advantage Miami, if you count McMicheal.....at WR

Whoops!!! f**k!!!

Okay, if it's between the Jets and the Fins, then I say the Fins have the advantage at WR.

HOWEVER, you have to count who is throwing them the ball. If that's the case, then the Jets and the Fins are about even.

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