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My roster cuts


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IR  = Injured Reserve / NFI

+  = Makes the team

-    = Released by the team

?    = Not Sure

+ Rich Braham C

+ Larry Moore C-G

IR Thatcher Szalay C 2

?/+ Alex Sulfsted OT

+ Willie Anderson OT

+ Levi Jones OT

+ Stacy Andrews OT

?/- Pete Lougheed OT +4 = 6

+ Victor Leyva G

+ Eric Steinbach G

+ Scott Kooistra G

+ Bobbie Wiliams G +4 = 10 OL

+ Carson Palmer QB

+ Jon Kitna QB

? Casey Bramlet QB

+ Chad Johnson WR

+ Kelley Washington WR

+ T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR (Even after he dropped the TD)

+ Peter Warrick WR (Unless his knee gets worse)

?/+ Kevin Walter WR

? Jamall Broussard WR

? Maurice Mann WR

IR Patrick Johnson WR

- Adam Ziesel WR

+ Rudi Johnson RB

+ Chris Perry RB

+ Kenny Watson RB 3

+ Jeremi Johnson FB

- James Lynch FB

- Alex Wade FB +1 = 4 RB

+ Tony Stewart TE

+ Reggie Kelly TE

+ Brad St. Louis TE-LS

? James Whalen TE

?/- Matt Schobel TE

+ Shayne Graham K

+ Tony Williams DT

+ Matthias Askew DT

+ Carl Powell DL

+ John Thornton DL

? Glen Steele DT

? Langston Moore DT

- Greg Scott DT

+ Duane Clemons DE

+ Justin Smith DE

+ Robert Geathers DE

? Elton Patterson DE

?/+Allen Augustin LB (Had INT against Colts)

? Marcus Wilkins LB

+ Brian Simmons MLB

+ Nate Webster MLB

+ Caleb Miller MLB

IR Frank Chamberlin MLB

+ Landon Johnson OLB

+ Kevin Hardy OLB

IR Khalid Abdullah OLB

IR LaDairis Jackson OLB

? Larry Stevens OLB

?/+ Tory James CB

IR Dennis Weathersby CB

?/- Reggie Myles CB

+ Terrell Roberts CB

+ Deltha O'Neal CB

+ Keiwan Ratliff CB

? Greg Brooks CB

+ Madieu Williams CB/S

+ Kevin Kaesviharn CB/S

? Rogers Beckett S

? Marquand Manuel S

? Kim Herring S

IR Kyle Richardson P

+ Kyle Larson P

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haha i agree with bax for once on both issues.

and how u gonna do a list of roster cuts and have mostly question marks.

im hoping they put bramlet on the practice squad and only go with 2 QB's like alot of other teams.

Augustin will NOT make the team. His INT was not great enuff to keep him around.

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I like Watson, but I'd like to see the team go with 2 RB's (Johnson/Perry) and keep 2 FB's (Johnson/Lynch).

I also would like to see all 3 QB's make the team. I would hate to see the Bengals in a situation like the Eagles had to face losing McNabb to a broken ankle, and Detmer to an injured elbow, and not have a 3rd string QB ready to go in the game.

How CAN there be so many ?s...especially ALL 3 safeties. Manuel is the only one of that group that should have a ?...if not a -. Beckett and Herring make the team.

Tory James makes the team.

I think Sulfsted stays...I'd like to see it anyway...helps if the Bengals continue to be injury prone.

T.J. (sigh) makes the team...I keep wanting to call him Artrell for some reason.

Broussard, Walter, stay...Mann to the practice squad.

T.E. - That position is just a mess. Schoebel really hurt himself by not getting out there to prove himself. Either he or Whalen goes and I'd like the team to stick with Schoebel anyway...Whalen goes.

LB - Simmons, Hardy, Webster are the starters...Miller can back up all 3, Landon Johnson can make plays, Augustin or Wilkins...can't say, hard to tell after 1 preseason game for the both of them but one of them will beat out Stephens and stick around.

CB -Myles and Brooks get cut. James makes the team.

Concerned about the D as a whole...but mostly about the Secondary. <_<

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ya but do you realize we only have 53 roster spots? Theres gotta be cuts and lack of depth at certain positions and it wouldnt surprise me if it was at LB.

Ok ill go by Pos.

QB all 3 make it even though i wouldnt be shocked to see bramlet on the PS =3

HB = rj, perry, watson all make it = 6

FB = Johnson and Lynch make it = 8

TE = St Louis, Kelly, Schoebel, and Stewart all make it, no changes from last year = 12

WR = CJ, Warr, Wash, TJ, Walter, Mann, and Brous all make it, i dont see them letting brous get loos on waiver or mann. Mann wouldnt have been drafted if Lewis didnt think he had what it takes. = 19

T = Willie, Jones, Andrews, sulf make it, sulf makes it more cuz of his heart than his skill. = 23

G = Williams, Steiny, and Leyva make it, (kooistra is my wildcard) = 26

C = Braham, Moore that will give us 9 on the line= 28

now to defense.

DT = Thornton, Williams, askew, steele and moore will be let go = 31

DE = Smith, Clemons, Powell, Geathers makes it giving us 7 on the line (patterson is my wildcard) =35

LB = Webster, Simmons, Hardy, Miller, L.Johnson, Stevens = 41

S = Herring, Beckett, Williams make it = 44

CB = James, O'Neal, KK, Ratliff, Roberts =49

Special teams.

K = Graham = 50

P = Larson = 51

Ok now that ive done this im 2 short....so my 2 wildcards are Patterson on DL and Kooistra at gaurd.

So there u have it, my final 53.

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