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Jamal Broussard


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i think bax is more annoying than even the idiots that type in all caps with his "case closed" closing after a retarded point.

Let me correct that for you son.

You meant to say:

I think Bax is more annoying than the idiots that type in all caps when he uses his "case closed" comment after making a retarded point.

Be descriptive. Write to inform. Use proper wording.

And above all else, take care of yourself!

Case closed.

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So far I like what I hear about Broussard, hope he's able to make it. I agree, you need all of your players to play with that type of heart. I think we need the boost in special teams. Put a guy like that on the field who can run and sneak in unseen to make plays and you have a real weapon.

They had a guy in Buffalo for years who was a special teams monster in Steve Tasker and he wasn't very big at all. He had the heart of a Lion, and could knock the wind out of a returner if they chose not to fair catch. He was a big part of that team that won 4 straight AFC titles.

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