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Chad Wins Annual Chad Johnson Race.


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GEORGETOWN, Ky. – The Bengals wrapped up training camp with a final practice this morning and the second annual Chad Johnson challenge race.

Johnson, the speedy wide receiver, ran a 100-yard dash against Carson Palmer and spotted the quarterback a 10-yard head start.

Palmer held a lead at about 75 yards but slowed down when he got near a group of players. Johnson ran the final 20-some yards and won.

Last year, Johnson lost to former Bengals running back Corey Dillon after the final practice.

Coach Marvin Lewis declared camp a success, saying the team achieved its goals in workload. The Bengals will practice Thursday at the fields adjacent to Paul Brown Stadium.

“It's been good,” Lewis said after practice this morning. “We got a lot of work in. We're in a good spot to begin our season. We're a couple of weeks away. We come out of here a somewhat refreshed football team, a team that's got a lot of work in. Now we've got a chance to build back up and get our legs back under us.”

The Bengals, 1-1 in the preseason, will play their third game Saturday night in Atlanta.

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