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Palmer to Play Into 3rd.


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GEORGETOWN, Ky. – Quarterback Carson Palmer will play into the third quarter Saturday night in the preseason game at Atlanta.

Coach Marvin Lewis announced this morning that Palmer would go through halftime and start the third quarter against the Falcons.

Palmer played three series and into the second quarter in the opener against Tampa Bay. Saturday night at home he played the first half against New England.

Bengals training camp began to wind down this morning when a crew started to load a moving van with the team’s weights and fitness equipment for the ride back to Paul Brown Stadium.

The team practiced this morning in full pads and was headed out this afternoon for its last two-a-day session.

Wide receiver Peter Warrick (knee) did not practice, but Lewis said he was “probable” to play in the third preseason game Saturday night in Atlanta.

Tailback Rudi Johnson also missed a second consecutive practice after having wisdom teeth pulled Sunday. Lewis said Johnson would play against the Falcons.

The Bengals will practice Wednesday morning for the final time at Georgetown College and resume practice Thursday afternoon at the fields adjacent to Paul Brown Stadium.

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Palmer can use the work, and Kitna knows the offense already so I would agree with this move. I do hope that he keeps an eye on how many hits he is taking and won't let him stay in if it looks like too many. No sense in playing a guy a little more and having him get hurt in a MEANINGLESS game.

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Yep, this is nothing special...and the 4th game will probably only see him play a series or three with the rest of the first team...then the real battle begins with everybodies scrubs trying to fight for a few roster spots....

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This is standard for many teams, the starters basically get use to coming in for halftime, resting, and going back out onto the field 100%. I will be dissappointed if we don't repeat the same process w/ Vick.

Vick needs to start developing a rhythm in this game. I hope he plays at least until halftime.

I wonder if that 49er fan will lose respect for Marvin Lewis for playing Palmer into the 3rd and tryong to win. :huh::unsure:

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