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i was at the game sat. night and i watched madieu williams, keiwan ratliff, and greg brooks very closely and i was impressed with all three. of course, everyone knows about ratliff and williams but brooks was the on that stood out and it may have been that he was playing against rohan davey and their second unit. he could be a steal.

from bengals.com---and how about not noticing rookie cornerback Madieu Williams in his first start? That’s because he held up well in place of Deltha O’Neal, and it should be noted that Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown didn’t have a catch.

other interesting things i found about the three

Keiwan Ratliff CB- can't wait to see him play. he is like Caleb Miller, always around the ball. he is a good talent, and can't wait to see him in action, the kind of playmaker that our D needs.

Gregg Brooks CB- i think this kid will make a killer nickel or dime back this year. he has a great burst. he made a nice play and almost an int. when he jumped for a pass that was headed to jennings, a former FSU track star. this kid has speed, and could start some point in his carear.

Madieu Williams CB/S- he played very well in his time at CB. Brady didn't throw at him much, and when he did, Madieu got there in a hurry to break it up, or make the tackle. don't think that he gave up any YAC really. will be nice at safety with his athletic ability. :player:

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