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My Mock Draft

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Ok so this season is a wash on to the draft. So lets suppose the bengals trade McCarron and get a 1st and 3rd (dreaming). However if this happened here would be my draft including comp picks.

1. Jabrill Peppers - S

1. Ruben Foster - LB

2. Ethan Pocic - C

3.  Devante Fields - DE

3. Kendall Beckwith - LB

3. Comp Courtland Sutton - WR

3. Comp Zach Banner - G

4. Samajie Perine - RB

5 Davis Webb - QB

6 Danie Carlson - K

7 Ed Paris - CB



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Loving those first 3 picks, but hold absolutely no thoughts of getting a first for McCarron.
Also don't think Bodine gets replaced any day soon.  Coaches love him.
We will also have more late round comp picks, but I get where you are with this.

One thing:
If we come away from the 2017 draft and didn't pick at least one OT, I might kick COB's neighbor's dog as well.
That motherf*cker's going to take a beating !!!

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