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Reds vs. Cards


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They are basically calling it the last inning whether the bottom of the 8th if they gained the lead and closed it in the top of the 9th not needing another at bat or in the bottom of the 9th itself. I think that has been the case to this point as they explained it.

It's VERY nice to see Votto get off to a start like this as I don't know if many Reds fans had faith it was going to happen anywhere close to this.

Once again, speed kills and Hamilton came up huge in the bottom of the 8th.

Phillips and Cozart combined on a nice force out in the top of the 9th that should rank near the top play of the day and made a big impact as well.

Hell, even Marquis went 6 innings giving up 3 runs while striking out 7.

They also haven't had a single win by a starting pitcher to this point either.

It's not a real indicative stat, but funny none the less.

Hoover has 2 wins, with Diaz and Chapman getting 1 apiece.

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I also saw a report somewhere today that Cueto gave a deadline of the start of the season to get a new deal in place and that the Reds basically didn't even make an offer due to the fact he is looking for a overall deal that pays him 200 million plus. I don't blame Johnny Beisbol for wanting to chase the big contract, but the Reds simply can't take that on.

It may have been on the baseball equivalent of PFT. I'm too lazy and tired to go look for it.

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Yeah, I have a very hard time seeing Cueto come back. It's a real shame. You want to see the team in contention this year, but that will prevent them from trading him and getting something nice in return.

As for my Votto/weight comment, they asked him about it. Apparently, he's only lost about 3 pounds. Votto's explanation is that he's simply wearing tighter pants. laugh.gif

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