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Pirates v. Reds


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Nice to see an opening day win against the Pirates for sure.

Hoping for good things on the season, but not counting on it.

Hey, the interviewed Pete Rose during the game who said that the Reds, this season, we going to "make the experts look like jerks".

So, there's that :P

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Yeah, Leake left a lot to be desired. Hopefully that had to do with the rain delay and not an indication of what to expect this season.

They are getting started for the last game right now and DeSclafani is getting the start today. We got him in the Latos trade.

Speaking of Latos, anyone else see him get blasted for 7 runs in the first inning the other night ??

Went a whole 2/3's of an inning before getting yanked. Hardly the debut he was looking for there.

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Hard to be mad with what we saw from DeSclafani. The break in action didn't help, but nice start for him.

Votto with another 2 run shot to tie things up and Bryd with the smack that was ruled an error to win it.

I wouldn't have called for the series sweep to open up the season, but it sure was fun to watch.

The get the Cards in town starting tonight. Hope things continue !!!

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