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Thoughts on the Game, and of course, the Uniforms.


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OK, well, after catching the replay last night, I have some thoughts.

The Good:

The first teams played extremely well, and I think there is a lot to build on. If not for TJ's tipped pass, they would have continued on and dominated the first half. Rudy seems to be in mid-season shape and the O-line really took care of him.

The tackling. This is the best tackling team (at least wearing stripes) I have seen in a while.

Don't read too much into the early sack because it was just a busted play form the beginning. And the discipline of the entire team was outstanding. They didn't seem jumpy or anxious and that was evident by the lack of penalties. I was overall, very pleased.

The Bad:

Palmer has happy feet. He needs to calm down. The depth on both sides of the line scares the hell out of me. There was a noticable drop in performance from first team to second team.

The loss of Kyle Richardson for any length of time could hurt. I hope Larson's good. We are going to need a solid punter.

This is small, but Kelly Washington needs to stop with the show-boating after every single friggin' catch. Someone is going to knock his head off if he keeps it up.


I'm not getting too up or too down over this game. It truly was meaningless, and I think Marvin was projecting that to his players the entire second half.


Ok, the uniforms may not be as bad as I had originally said, but I hate the sleeves. It's just too much orange. It's going to take some getting used to.

Anybody heard when Throwback Day's going to happen?

Bring on the Pats.

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