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Can't get a coach!!


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You know I've been bummed since that forth quarter of the last Bengal game. Wondering why we can't get over that hump. Frustrated with the poor performance, etc. And then today, I see this article and it made me feel a bit better. Thinking, things could be worse, we could be Browns fans; nobody wants to coach that team!! See for yourself. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/cleveland-browns-yet-another-nfl-assistant-coach-turn-164245671--nfl.html

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In a way its kind of sad. The new owner and his wacky legal issues does not spell Championship to me.

Been seeing quite a lot of folks on twitter, sending tweets to the Browns offering their services, citing their in-depth Madden experience, and Pop Warner stats....

Ha, just noticed, if you misspell "browns", my auto-correct suggests "Newborn" as the proper word. too funny.

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