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Has anybody read the Training Camp issue of the Sporting News (July 19)? There is alot of Bengal related stuff in it.

There is an article about Corey Dillon in it. There are a couple of great lines in it. One is how Corey said basically being happy relates to winning and the guy says they were winning last year and he wasn't any happier. The other is from a GM they quoted who says "that staff's ability to keep players focused on what's good for the team will be tested now that Corey is there. He's one mean, selfish (jerk) who cares only about himself." Ouch. They did say that Belicheck did alot of background research on him and that he has been very a hard worker and has gotten along with everyone.

There is also an article about Carson Palmer which had some nice things to say about Kitna and the transition and how they are such good friends. Marvin Lewis also had a quote about when they timed the players, CP ran like the running backs. I didn't realize he is that fast. They also said that while at USC he took a lot of grief before his Heisman season so they expect that he will be able to handle it.

There is a small photo of Rudi Johnson under the article called "Scout's view" and they say that people should watch the Bengals this year. They have a good running game with Rudi and their O-line and if Palmer can play a bit better than Kitna, they could make the playoffs. They also mention how Dillon will open up the passing game for the Patriots because people won't be able to play two-deep.

Good stuff...nice team writeup by Chick Ludwig too.


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