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Looking for pics of unhappy fans

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Bengals Fans,

While we all strive to be good fans and be gracious in victory as well as defeat, nobody can deny how awesome it is to go on the road, crush your hated opponent, and see the lamentations of their defeated, despondent fans. I am building a website, ButthurtFans.com, where anyone can go and drink in the agonized tears of unhappy fans. To that end, I am looking for your favorite pictures of the defeated fans of your rivals!

This is not an effort to troll any specific team, start trouble, or spam forums. I have individual accounts with 2 or 3 fan sites for each team and maintain and post on them all myself (incredibly tedious and time consuming). All teams' fans will be represented objectively according to what submissions I receive. I am still doing the art and back end for the site and don't have anything online just yet.

Pics that make it to my site will be stamped so that my site cannot be copied outright and the versions displayed on the site will become the property of the site (just the only way it can be done). Submit any pics you would like put up to butthurtfans@gmail.com with date and location info so that I can organize them. Once I have enough content to make a site that is fair, I will let everyone know! Don't send image captures of copyrighted broadcasts! Only privately owned images will do. Thanks for reading! Hoping with your help that I can build a funny site that will amuse fans of every team.

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