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LB Concerns


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I know many people didn’t quite understand the 2 LB's in the third rd. of the past draft - figuring neither would start this year so why 2? I was not one who was upset about because I knew our depth was not real good... It's easy to say that now, I know, but I was thinking that at the time (plus Lewis needs his type of athlete in place)... What I did not understand was cutting Adrian Ross, so money can be a factor in decisions, but Ross was the only LB who could play both spots (unless you want to actually believe that Hardy can)...

Ok, well the Ross situation is now over, he is now a Steeler, and that sucks... ...so where does that leave us?

Well, I see that we need to be 3 deep as far as backups at OLB and 2 deep at the MLB spot in a 4-3 scheme...that's just my opinion... We just lost Abdullah for the year (apparently) and L. Johnson may have a re-accuruing injury - how serviceable he will be is a big concern...

So now we sit here w/ K.Hardy, N. Webster and B. Simmons as our starters and I am fine w/ that, but we have no depth...! W/ Abdullah out and the cut of Ross, we have a rookie back up at MLB in C. Miller and absolutely nothing to back-up at OLB... If L. Johnson is ok that will help, but that still leaves us in serious need of depth and we obviously cannot count on Johnson being ok (and he's a rookie at that)... Unless I have forgotten someone here, our other OLB's are LaDaris Jackson and Larry Stevens - who was that again?

I understand that no team can afford great depth in the sorry-ass age of free agency (sorry, I loved the age when u drafted a player and he was yours until u cut or traded him), but we have a problem and cutting Ross (which upset me at the time), put us on the edge even before the injuries...

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that we have M. Lewis running the show and don't want to question his decisions, I think he has us headed in the right direction and firmly believe he knows what is best, but I am seriously concerned w/ the LB position at this point...

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Don't worry. We have Frank Chamberlin :D

A gone Ross is ultimately a good thing because he like Spearman and Curtis before and Levels and Riall Johnson this year should be cut since they would never have a chance of starting in the NFL except for the pre-ML Bengals.

However, a back-up LB with game experience could come in handy this year.

The Gildon derby turns out different now, eh?

Some other LB will turn up. :blink:

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