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Hey i'm from Toledo & have family who LOVE the Bengals (just not me, hopefully that's no biggie)

I honestly wanna make a trip to your guys stadium, but wanna get some things clear first.

This would be my FIRST game at PB Stadium & wanna find out if these are good seats. Not gonna shell out a whole lot but HONESTLY (I know I may take some flack being a Bronco fan)but are these 2 sections in the Upper Corner decent seats 340 & 334? Honest opinion because Im willing to spend more, but from the StubHub view they looked good.

Goodluck Bengals, I honestly do root for you guys because I hate the Browns, Ravens, & Steelers so cant wait to play since that REMARKABLE HOLY STOKLEY play that was incredible.

I appreciate your organization & HONESTLY wish you NOTHING but the BEST!!!


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I honestly don't think there's a bad seat in the house.

I know people that love the lowers and people that love the uppers.

I enjoy sitting in all portion of the stadium.

Either way around, I hope you have a good time and don't run into any idiot fans.

You should be able to catch a winner for the Donks as well, so there's that...

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