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gonna be a tough road but we have waited

roar loud

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Date Opponent Time/Results

Sun. Sep. 12 @NY Jets 1:00 PM ET

Sun. Sep. 19 Miami 8:30 PM ET

Sun. Sep. 26 Baltimore 1:00 PM ET

Sun. Octo. 3 @Pittsburgh 1:00 PM ET


Sun. Octo. 17 @Cleveland 1:00 PM ET

Mon. Octo. 25 Denver 9:00 PM ET

Sun. Octo. 31 @Tennessee 1:00 PM ET

Sun. Nov. 7 Dallas 1:00 PM ET

Sun. Nov. 14 @Washington 4:05 PM ET

Sun. Nov. 21 Pittsburgh 1:00 PM ET

Sun. Nov. 28 Cleveland 1:00 PM ET

Sun. Dec. 5 @Baltimore 1:00 PM ET

Sun. Dec. 12 @New England 1:00 PM ET

Sun. Dec. 19 Buffalo 1:00 PM ET

Sun. Dec. 26 NY Giants 1:00 PM ET

Sun. Jan. 2 @Philadelphia 1:00 PM ET

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The schedule isn't tough until it plays itself out. Injuries, team collapses all play a part. Teams fluctuate so badly from one year to the next trying to say that a schedule is hard before the first kickoff is crazy.

LEt's look at the teams shall we?

Jet's....Rebuilding their defense, who knows how their offense could be? They can't control the clock on offense.

Miami, no running game, not much passing, an aged defense.

Baltimore, still have no WR threat. A top D, but does anybody know if C mac will be playing this year?

Denver, the fact that it's on Monday hurts us, but their D isn't all that, and Plummer can get rattled easy and still have questions at RB (but should have sorted itself out by game time)

Cleveland? Puh-Leaze

Tennessee, Lost a lot in their interior D line, no running game and lost a top reciever during the offseason, plus who knows, by then McNair could be fighting the injury bug.

Dallas, No QB, by this point Henson is probably starting and that only helps, a good D though so it should be competative.

Washington. Why the hell people expect this team to be so much better with Gibbs is beyond me. They will be better, but they have a suspect D, lost their shutdown corner and Portis hasn't proved himself outside of Denver and the team lacks real depth so an injury or two at any key position will hurt them even more than the average team.

Pittsburgh don't have corners that can match up with our WR's, they may or may not be starting a rookie QB, and even if they don't turnover Tommy won't exactly scare many d's, and they don't have a running game anymore.

New England is obviously a tough test, but being that they are the defending champs every team plays them that much harder so they could be beat up, but still this should be the toughest game of the year (sorry Baltimore fans)

Buffalo, who knows? Top D but are they gonna be fighting for a playoff spot? Will Bledsoe have been replaced by this game? Can anyone step up as the #2 WR?

Giants, Come on, they don't have an offensive line, they don't have a defensive line and can't play special teams, and will either have a rookie throwing, or a QB that creates turnovers....Vince Lombardi couldn't win with that team, this should be the easiest game of the year.

Philadelphia, probably the second or third toughest game of the year, and it's hard to say who will win cause they could have locked up a playoff spot, homefield advantage and have nothing to play for, or they could be fighting for those things.

Oh and welcome to that Zone :D

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