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2012 NFL Draft on the Forum


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The draft has historically been a very hectic time here at Bengalszone and we try to keep things going smoothly with the picks, trades, so on and so on... We are going to try to do the same thing we've done since forever and keep things from getting out of control and we need your help to make the site easy to navigate during the draft.

This weekend, there will be pinned topics (some closed) in the Bengals Forum. There will be "Pre-Draft" and "Post Draft" threads for each round.

I / the Mods will handle these threads. We ask that all conversation about who the Bengals will draft in that particular round be kept in the "Pre-Draft" thread and then all conversation about who they actually pick be kept in the "Post Draft" thread. (AT LEAST THROUGH THE WEEKEND PLEASE) Topics NOT pertaining to those two areas are still more than welcomed and always encouraged however, those resembling the pre or post draft threads will be either merged or deleted. This will help all of us from being exposed to 100 threads about "Why did we pass on Trent Richardson and take LaMichael James at #17 ??" !!! I know that's an outlandish reach, but you get my point. The MODS will try to keep this together and if your topic gets moved or deleted, don't take it personal, just go with the flow.

If there are any isues or ideas about what we could do differently, please feel free to ask here or PM me...

If you just want to b*tch, don't waste your time !!!


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I would like to inform you that if they now pass on Trent in favor of James I will be forced to put some type of voodoo hex on you. Of course not having any knowledge in the art of voodoo or hexes it will more than likely just end up with me putting some type of animal blood on some random persons door and mumbling some gibberish in hopes that it works. You have been warned.

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You guys did get the whole, "I know that's an outlandish reach, but you get my point" comment right ??

You didn't think I was serious or think that's how I see it working out did you ?? :lmao:

As long as that animal blood doesn't find it's way to my doorstep, I won't be put in a position to have to defend my property with deadly force. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED !!! :2guns:

All joking aside, three more days and counting !!!


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