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Decisions, decisions


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Let me begin, by saying I understand that I have no decision in the drafting of players. I enjoy watching the combine and predicting who the Bengals should/will pick.

This is great. If the right moves are made we can win the Super Bowl this season. I am certain that Kirkpatrick will be the pick at 17. 21 is where I'm befuddled. Marvin has tried and failed to get a stud LB and RB on the team. Perry, Pollack, and Thurman were busts. The defense needs an emotional fired up leader. Kuechly would be perfect, but an explosive RB would be the perfect compliment to Dalton and Green. Richardson seems to be special. I watched the top 8 RB's highlights last night and Richardson is far and away the best of the bunch. Upshaw is a beast as well. If Decastro or Glenn are there at 21 they would help the running game and the pass. This is one of those good problems. Just can't decide what I want. If Barron knocks it out of the park thats another option.

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I'm looking forward to watching the DB's at the combine tonight when I get home from school (Thank God for DVR's) and seeing how they do in their drills. Jenkins vertical is something of particular interest for me. Anway, I think OG is a MUST HAVE in the first two rounds and if DeCastro should happen to be there at #17, you have to grab the top rated OG in the draft and bolster one of the biggest weaknesses on the team.

CB, OG, RB in the first three picks. Minus a player falling they absolutely didn't see being there, that is the way I hope it goes come draft day.

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I think what we need to manage a way to improve is our pass rush. If you rely on your linebackers being the constant source of pressure, you are already screwed. While I think they have a keeper in Atkins and what he gives up the middle, they need more from their egde rushers. Dunlap has to come back healthy, MJ has to improve, Geathers continues to be Geathers, and the rest gets there some times and then at other times there appears to be nothing. With our secondary issues, this will kill us going forward.

Easier to get ?? Depends on how many picks you have and how deep a particular position class is. Also what a team is willing to do in FA. For example, I think this is a really good year to be a WR needy team. That is a deep class where quality can be found into the 4th round. OG ?? Not this year. LB ?? I don't really think so. RB ?? Yeah there are some guys out there to be had later, but I think it also depends on what kind of RB you are looking for. For the Bengals, I think the RB crop is actually limited, but that's just my take unless we are planning on getting rid of Bernard Scott.

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