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Training camp Day 1

Chad Johnson

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Well I went and it was hard to watch all the guys in their different drills when two men draw the attention of all the spectators...Those men were of course Carson and CHad... Chad looked great in drills...Palmer looked very sharp...but now for the stufff thatwe wouldn't know

Going off today's performance I would say Kenny Watson has the advantage over Skip HIcks...

Deltha Oneal picked Carson off and TD'd it...No it wasnt against Chad

I did see Dwayne Levels looking hot...???

Stacey Andrews pancaked a dlineman...Oh yeah it was nice...

P-Dub was very agile and made perfect cuts...

CHad gave us a scare by acting like he was hurt for 2 plays...As soon as he got p he went back in lol... must have been cramps in the legs

Chad was an obvious team leader I saw him get on TJ houshmanwhateva(loked horrible and they made him redo drills) and talking to the coaches

um yeah I think thats it

Black jerseys were D and white ones were O

these were the ones who signed autograph's...John Thorton, Rudi Johnson, K Wash, Coach Lewis, Bobbie Williams, Kim Herring and some Olineman I did not recognize and a defender that I did not recognize...

Oh yeah heres my book that was signed by JT, KWASH, Rudi, Coach Lewis, Bobbie Williams

EDIT: cant post it for some reason...

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Good stuff CJ. Watson has it all over Hicks if you ask me. Didn't Levels get cut?

Show of hands on who think s TJ Houswhatshisname makes it past preseason game 3???

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nope I saw his # and checked in the roster guide... It matched up and I was impressed...

I was disappointed with my go there though...

Keiwan and Perry weren't there for obvious reasons...

I didnt get to watch any Line drills except for when they were running plays...

I didnt really get to focus on LB's at all so no Webster sightings or Caleb Miller

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nope I saw his # and checked in the roster guide... It matched up and I was impressed...

Hmm, maybe they gave the number to somebody else cause I checked and he's been cut...

What was so dissapointings?

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Yeah, I was on the sidelines for the practice on the opposite side of the stands. Met the players before the practice and got a tour of the facility. Very exciting stuff. The most hysterical moment for me was when Chad dropped a pass right infront of me and started doing push-ups because he had dropped it. Reminded me of Wesley Snipes in Major League.

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