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Let's Run Paul Daughtery out of town!


Impeach Paul or not?  

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  1. 1. Who votes to petition Paul Daughtery out of Bengals coverage in Cincy?

    • I vote YES!
    • I vote NO WAY!
    • No one reads his crappy column anyway.
    • Maybe... but what if Hobson replaces him?!

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Even in a year when the Bengals are beating all odds, Daughtery continues to cement his media career in Cincy by being totally biased against the Bengals. By my count he has written only one article that even comes close to supporting the team. He continues his personal war against Mike Brown despite how Mike and Marvin have re-infused the franchise with young, new talent. I say we push for Joe Reedy or even Bill Koch to take his place at the Enquirer.

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I am going to abstain from voting because I can't say how long it is since I have read one of his articles. I have been out of Ohio for two years and don't feel like going through the trouble of reading his crappy articles online. I will say that any reporter that writes for such a small city like Cincinnati, that can piss off the head coach of a team to the point he won't answer his questions anymore, should probably no longer be writing about them. I'm waiting for the 'Any Given Sunday' moment where Marvin trucks Daughtery on his way out of the press conference room.


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