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So, in my day job I work here in Cincy as a multimedia designer. Over the past couple of years, several of my co-workers (with a tiny bit of involvement from me) have spent a good deal of time developing PrimeTime Draft, a nifty little piece of software primarily designed to facilitate live draft parties. Basically, it's a draft board that you can have on your HDTV set so in a live draft everyone will be able to see who has been drafted by whom (and if it's an auction draft, for how much $).

You can check it out at www.primetimedraft.com

We've used (a crude version of) it for several years now at our drafts and find it to be a VAST improvement over the big-piece-of-cardboard-and-stickers method we used to use -- makes the drafts much more efficient and easy (which = more fun).

So after much work, PrimeTime Draft has been developed into slick, easy-to-use app that is now "live" so we are now trying to figure out how to get fantasy footballers who are likely to be involved in live draft parties to know about the software.

We're not marketing guys -- our expertise is pretty much limited to developing software and graphics. And fantasy football. Also, I'm not in any way financially invested in this -- these are just my friends and I'm trying to help them out. But I do think it's a great enhancement to the draft experience, so I wanted to post about it on here since (hopefully) there are a number of 'Zoners who will be involved in a fantasy draft party this year.

Take a look. Lemme know what you think.

If you like draft parties, this is for you! :cheers:

Caveat: I'm not suggesting this be used for either of the BengalsZone league drafts as, like I said before, this is meant to work at a live draft party on someone's HDTV (or HD projector, which is how we use it!). Since the B'Zone drafts are going to be remote, I don't know that this would be a great fit. yet. Maybe in a future revision. :sure:

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